Cadbury brings back confectionery classic ‘Old Jamaica’ for 2020

Parent organisation Mondelēz International re-introduce Rum & Raisin variant of Cadbury’s dark chocolate range Bournville.

The nostalgic bar came out in 1970 and has had several re-appearances throughout the decades, once in 1987 and again in the mid 90’s. A spokesperson for Cadbury’s said that the old bar will “help retailers capitalise on the growing popularity of rum and raisin chocolate, which is worth £11.5m and growing at 21%.”

Bethany Wenn, brand manager at Mondelēz International, said: “The return of Cadbury Bournville Old Jamaica taps into incredible demand from a range of consumers looking for this type of bar.

“With rum and raisin flavoured chocolate in 21% growth, Cadbury Bournville Old Jamaica will offer shoppers a new launch of an old brand that we know they will love.”

The bar is now available in a 180g pack (£2.04) as well as a 100g £1 price-marked pack.

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