Mars relaunches Tracker bar with re-brand and recipe update

The cereal bar which was introduced to the UK market in the mid 1980’s has had a packaging update which “sees a new, contemporary look and feel for the brand”.

Mars’ efforts to appeal to customers has also seen a change in recipe which ‘adds more flavour’ into the already high in fibre breakfast snacks. The bar comes in two flavours; Chocolate & Peanut and Peanut & caramel. The update in recipe means more Chocolate chips, Peanuts and caramel. Thus the appeal to customers who seek more flavour.

“We are really excited to be relaunching the Tracker brand, packing even more flavour into the cereal bar aisle. In a recent survey*, chocolate, nuts and caramel were ranked as the three most popular snack bar flavours – and the Crunch, the Goo, the Chew in Tracker delivers all three!” – Michelle Frost, General Manager at Mars Chocolate Drinks and Treats.

The new Tracker bars come in multi-packs of 5 bars and retail at £1.99

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2 thoughts on “Mars relaunches Tracker bar with re-brand and recipe update

  1. I’ve been taking my chocolate chip tracker to work with me for 15 yrs but I’m afraid I don’t like the new bars it’s to hard it hurts my teeth I’ve tried 3-4 boxes and I won’t be buying anymore sorry buts it’s a no from me

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